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Reviews (3)

Jul 16

Ms H.

Becky worked for us as a maternity nurse on a 24/3 basis for four months, from August 2022 to December 2022. She joined our family the same month that our twin daughters were born. In short, Becky is fantastic. Her arrival was almost as big a blessing as the arrival of the girls!

We have worked with maternity nurses in the past who have the attitude “I know how to do my job, and I will do things my way.” Becky was very supportive of us raising our children our way. She seamlessly adapted her style to match ours. She has a lot of knowledge and made excellent suggestions for how childcare should evolve over time. Whether we followed her suggestions or not, she always respected our decision. She was genuine in trying to help us in whatever way she could.

Becky did a great job getting the twins into a routine. By the time she left after four months, the twins were both sleeping through the night!

Becky’s personality is basically perfect. She is smart, articulate, patient, hardworking, and efficient. She always has a smile on her face. She is fun, energetic, and positive. She brightened up our home, which was especially nice during the high-stress newborn stage.

Our 3-year-old son went through a difficult adjustment period when the twins were born. Becky was very helpful to him during this time, even though it wasn’t part of her job. Her previous experience with toddlers was very valuable; she knows how to interact well with kids of all ages.

We begged Becky to continue working for us after December 2022, but unfortunately for us, she had already accepted another job. We have worked with 15-20 nannies over the years, and Becky is certainly one of the best. We have an extremely high opinion of her and have only positive things to say. We recommend her wholeheartedly, without any reservations at all.


Apr 29


Becky has been an invaluable source of support and knowledge throughout the 5 years she was with us, for both my children. She is incredibly pro active, affectionate and competent - confidently taking charge of them both. She is incredibly organised, has excellent time keeping and is very reliable. She genuinely cares for the children and remains in contact with us today - they adore and run to her, like she is part of the family.

She was especially helpful during my difficult pregnancy and when my youngest was just born, as maternity nurse. Even with the demands of a very refluxy baby, waking every sleep cycle, she remained positive and professional. She helped take care of me, my daughter and of course my newborn son in a way I could truly trust and relax.

She has a real 'muck in' attitude to work and is just a lovely person who we all enjoyed being around which is a huge factor when someone is in such close quarters.


Apr 27

Becky was very reassuring and personable from the day I met her. As a new mum, I was extremely nervous and she is not only thoughtful but very organised - both which really helped ease my anxiety. I’ve no idea how she does it, but our baby gets his best sleep with her and we’ve learnt so much from her. Becky really is a baby whisperer!

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